Rabu, 12 November 2014

Salmon On My Head

Hi hi guys ... how are you today ? hope you guys doing fine.

and you know what just straight to the news .. i got salmon on my head, not that i been bullied , but i recently dyed my hair , i dye it with Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink , maybe some of you saw it on my Instagram . it turns out like salmon pink , maybe the bleach has a little residue on my hair , make it look salmon-ish

I am loving it , i want to dye my hair pink since GD from BigBang dyed his hair pink , my hair sometimes look pink , bright peach , and sometimes the say the hair look like Hayley Williams , but her hair i am sure is using Hellfire shade by Manic Panic .

I am living my Dream right now , and i can change to every color i want .

Check it out ..


Outer: Boy London
Sweatpants: H&M
Sneakers : Adidas

Thank you guys so much for coming by my blog .. see you soon 


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