Kamis, 19 Maret 2015


Hi guys .. it is me again .
i have an assignment from my lecturer again . this one is about draping .
Now draping is technique that use to make garments . It is basically the fabric is directly drape into the mannequin and then after we cut and hand stitch it , we sew it with machine .

i am inspired by Yohji Yamamoto designs ... he is desingner from Japan . i love his pieces.

I love mine to , because i am still learning . it is not the best yet but i like it . LOL.


My idea is , this is draping class, so it will be interesting if the fabric is draped on mannequin but the finishing is on the human body . So the hand and the back was draped after i put all of the Pieces .

and voila

What do you think  ?

See you next time


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