Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

Them Fat Abs

Hi Guys . finally i post again .. been so busy lately , so many task and homework , i will share them on the future . and today i post one of my look that i liked . 

i am thinking , maybe i will post this one .

i recently love Crop tops, but they are mostly for slim people , and they look good showing some abs , but i think how can plus sized people like me wear this thing . 

and i figure out how . 

1st , Is not showing a belly button, (not flattering)
2nd, Wear outer for cover the side or you can wear it without outer.
3rd, The most important is, Wear it your way ! and be confident , people can be judgmental but you  must love yourself more, and then it doesn't matter what people said .

i love this look , Karl Lagerfeld , recently said that the upper belly (let's just say that) is the new cleavage . :D..fun 

so check it out this is my look. Posted on Instagram . check @ecmet .

 Crop top by H&M
Jogger Pants by H&M
Shoes by ECMET

See you guys soon


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