Kamis, 02 April 2015

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Hi guys , we meet again, it is already April , woow , so much things happen , i am so close to the final term , after that i am going to be intern , hopefully i will be accepted as an intern. Wish me luck guys .
Today i will have double post so keep in touch .

this is my look btw Check it out

I love this look , it is so comfortable yet still bold , and i recently love crop top , and actually t is faux crop top , lol (tied it on the back)
 Tartan Shirt :DC
Crop top : Wellborn
Sweat pants : H&M
Sneakerwedge : Converse 

and i am just realized sweatpants/jogger it just being more trendy and trendy every single day , this pieces  is a very staple , many people don't know that jogger is for Jogging / if you want to work out , but because it is very comfortable many people wear it for everyday, it is not for special occasions , but it is chic enough for running out from home to campus , just throw some heels or some boots and add some accessories and outer , BAM you ready to go , so comfy but chic at the same time

btw at Wellborn they didn't sell that crop top that i wore, i just tied it at the back and cover it with oversized shirt, but because the fabric is so soft i didn't even have a redness on my abs ..
 go check them out they are amazing . support local product guys

btw see you soon at my  next post .


xoxo ECMET

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