Kamis, 31 Desember 2015

Merry Christmas 2015 -- (What do you think if i do Vlogging on YouTube ?)

Oh My God you Guys ... MERRY CHRISTMAS this is so late , but Better be late than not at all right .
Now i want to share my Christmas look , i wear all white for Christmas , this is totally new for me wearing all white, and i like it . I like to try new things .
Check this out

I am wearing Danjyo Hiyoji White Van top with House Of Jealouxy Louvre necklace .
(just click it right away )

By the way you guys , many of you asking what color my hair is , is actually my blue hair but because it fading i apply Manic panic's Blue steel on top of my fading Voodoo Blue.

Once again...
Merry Merry Christmas you guys , the new year is getting closer and closer , i hope we all have a great time this year , and a greater time next year

Now i am seeing many bloggers moving to Youtube as Vloggers , so i am thinking about moving my blog to Youtube as Vlog , what do you guys think?

And that's it for now , see you guys tomorrow , on the new year , new opportunities , new joy , new life



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