Kamis, 02 Maret 2017


Thank You God, i reach this new age in my life, in more greatness, and i am in a happy place.

I'm the person of celebration, i celebrate my life everysingle day. I always celebrate my life in so many ways but the one celebration that always play the role in my life is fashion. I love playing with clothes, garments, and fabric since i was a little. And i always dress not to impress people, but i dress to make ME happy.

My main goal for dressing up is to express how i feel that day. Sometimes if i am in a bad mood i dress up and my mood is lifted, i'm not feeling low anymore.

So now in my Birthday, i am trying to capture my feelings and my vision of myself in my age, 22.

In this editorial shoot that i did by myself and my lovely tripod and background i'm doing an editorial self potrait inspired by the greatness thats about to happen in the future, and the belted silhouette is telling you that i am ready for more challenges, i'm ready to fight and kick ass.
Also there is dominatrix feeling about it, a little sensual touch with a strong personality. The make up was inspired by Kendall Jenner's cover for V magazine, the black smoky eyes, white inner corner in the eye, nude lip and semi wet hair.

I hope you like it, and have a great year you guys.



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