Kamis, 02 Maret 2017


Thank You God, i reach this new age in my life, in more greatness, and i am in a happy place.

I'm the person of celebration, i celebrate my life everysingle day. I always celebrate my life in so many ways but the one celebration that always play the role in my life is fashion. I love playing with clothes, garments, and fabric since i was a little. And i always dress not to impress people, but i dress to make ME happy.

My main goal for dressing up is to express how i feel that day. Sometimes if i am in a bad mood i dress up and my mood is lifted, i'm not feeling low anymore.

So now in my Birthday, i am trying to capture my feelings and my vision of myself in my age, 22.

In this editorial shoot that i did by myself and my lovely tripod and background i'm doing an editorial self potrait inspired by the greatness thats about to happen in the future, and the belted silhouette is telling you that i am ready for more challenges, i'm ready to fight and kick ass.
Also there is dominatrix feeling about it, a little sensual touch with a strong personality. The make up was inspired by Kendall Jenner's cover for V magazine, the black smoky eyes, white inner corner in the eye, nude lip and semi wet hair.

I hope you like it, and have a great year you guys.



Sabtu, 25 Februari 2017

B A I A N A // A Beauty Shoot Inspired By a Breathtaking Woman In Different Tribes

Baiana briefly means, written in portuguese People from Bahia have a distinct culture and are very influenced by their african acenstry.
In the fourth paragraph he is talking about women(baiana).So women from bahia,are called baianas.

This shoot was inspired by the beauty of diversity and the power of woman unity. 



 Also watch everything in motion go click HERE

Thank you guys, Finally  updating the blog for such a long time.
See you



Senin, 31 Oktober 2016


Entassé is my collection that i made to complete my Final Task to get My S1 Degree on Fashion Design.

So the concept behind this collection is to recycle the thrift stuff or second-handed Garments into a wearable fashion product, with surface textile design.

So, long story short, i pass all kind of test and exploration to find the right technique for my collection. And i'm down to this surface textile technique, and i used a lot of surface textile design technique to complete this collection. I spend days, even months not sleeping because i'm working on this final project. The technique that i used is Surface Textile which is creating or adding new surface and new texture on to fabric. There is a lot of process, imageboarding, presentation and all kind of stuff to make me decide okay i will use denim and flanell also a cotton t-shirt for this collection.

This collection have a hardcore streetstyle influence. So the collection contains loud pieces and a lot of pattern and abstract stroke

The main inspiration is this picture of New York Time Square. which is have a very loud color, and city lights. I want to capture the crowded and loud New York Time Square into this pieces. It's not the New York culture and people but i want to capture the situation.

Courtesy from Google. Search : New York Time Square.

At the image above you can see theres a lot happening, and so crowded. that is why i named this collection ENTASSÉ because it means crowded.

Going Through all the mentoring from the lecturer i do the sketches and finally i can start the production. And come the hard part because this pieces need to be treated so it is super clean and ready for people to wear. so i treated it with desinfectant to get rid of the dirt and possible bacteria since it second-handed. 

And finally after i do all that, (drying process etc) i start to do the techniques one by one. Start with shredding the jeans one by oneand apply the technique. 

After that i can go to the sewer to make it complete, putting it together and make the product finish.

It is not done there. I mist do a presentation. and a presentation is not complete without a photoshoot.

So i did a photoshoot. And because my muse is Irene Kim, the model from South Korea, i choose the model that have a same unique face, whichbis this beautiful dancer named Angelenzy. I adore her for sich a long time because her ability on dancing aspecially waacking. and i love how unique her face is. 

Surprisingly, the clothes fit her like a gloves and the photoshoot goes super fast. Thank you To Marta and dina for helping me.

And the photoshoot turned out into this beautiful images.

 Avenue Top with MTV Skirt

 Orion Shirt with Avenue Pants

 MTV Top with Avenue Pants
 Saint Mary Set

 I named all the pieces like Avenue, MTV, Saint Mary because that is the building that is around New York Times Square.

I do all the make up and photoshoot by myself to press some budget, yes it is exhausting but i am so happy with the result, i DIY my white set, and thanks to my Guesthouse security they help to put it together. ugh such an amazing experience.

A lot of people asked if i can do it again. For now i can't because it take months if i do it myself. Right now i'm thinking I don't know how i can go through all of that by myself butby the grace of GOD he make me strong enough to go through it all. But if i have enough crew to make it and someone really want the piece, i will make it for them. But for now all those pieces is an archive. And i'm not selling it.

Such a great memory if i look back. And i just realize that i have never post about my final task on my blog. I'm top busy preparing my graduation and moving out from Bandung To Manado. And now i am moving in To Jakarta to pursue my career as a fashion stylist, fashion consultant and a MUA. i want to take as many experience as i can, so if i move back again to my hometown i am ready to teach everyone and make my own fashion brand.

Wish Me Luck.


See you sooner or later in the future. With better and greater situation Love



My Outfits for JFW 2017

Hei you guys, maybe this is not all the outfit because some day i forgot to take a picture. So this is my look for Jakarta Fashion Week 2017

Day 3 i choose this look

picture taken by Andembo

I choose this H&M Oversized Shirt and i paired it with H&M Jogger and also H&M boots.with bags from Stradivarius and Statements necklace from House Of Jealouxy.

I just realized most of the item come from H&M and i choose this look from my video on YouTube. I love this look because i am inspired from Rihanna and lately  Kardashians and Jenners Girls love to strut this look. so i think it would be somethig new if a boy tried it. and Voila.

For Day 4 I choose this look

 Picture Taken By Octa

While posing on the wall i wear ECMET Saint Mary Jacket, this jacket i made for my Campus Final Project, and paired with H&M long Tee and black leggings also with my zombie boots. I wear this look to compliment the dresscode for Patrick Owen Show which is Denim Drift Colors, and i think okay what is suitable than my jacket. (more on my blog about my final project).

For Day 6 i choose to wear this.

Taken By Tedy

Standing in this pretty photobooth wearing my Oversized White Shirt, and i paired it with ECMET Blac swimshorts, and accesorize it with My DIY body chain, with grey Thigh High Boots from Forever21
This look i choose because i have the invitation for Danjyo Hiyoji, so i choose white. And i'm still inspired with Patrick Owen's show the day before. lol

For the last day i choose this look

Taken By Yoga Tan

For the last day i choose this simple outfit. This black dress from local brand call BSSAR, i paired it with my DIY satin/ribbon chocker and my Sky high platform boots from H&M.
i just want to be simple but yet still look pleasant. because i have to report one show. And the rest is hanging out with other fellow bloggers.

That's all for my OOTD. There is some look missing because i forgot to take a picture. 


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See you soon 


With Friends On Jakarta Fashion Week 2017

Haii you guys, finally we get in touch in such a long time, now i stayed on Jakarta, and just wrapped up The Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Thank God for this year i attend so many shows, more than years past by.

Now on my Previous blog post i just want to put all my report about the fashion week. little you know i also have a youtube channel that i just started so in that youtube channel you can see that i've meet so many friends. and we bonded because of fashion

So in this blog post i will put all the picture we've taken all week long.

On the first day i go with my friends Andembo, we vlogged so much and we forget to take picture together. so the next day i met with Sandy a.k.a HeXfashion, and he is suprisingly taller, i am shoock. Lol

And i Pushed him to come to see the show together because we haven't seen each other for such a long time, and suprisingly there is a lot of changes.

Me and Sandy Pre Patrick Owen Show

And before that i met with this two beautiful gurrls Ines and Anastasia.
I barely recognise Ines in here. Cuz she had a new hair. lol

And then I finally Met Sonya . Because i said to her i want to interview her for my new YouTube Channel so  we finally met. And when i say meeting with Onya it also means meet with everybody else.

 Tedy Took This Picture.

Me and Maddie Unpurposely Twinning, White And Grey Shoes. Thank you Maddie for inviting. xo

 Taken By Tedy

Yap. and that is a wrap for now. Now i am staying at Jakarta and i will look forward for more event. And hopefully We will meet sooner or later. Xoxo

And i Also Took Picture with this awesome People.

With Ms. Kelly Tandiono

 With Ms. Hayati who slayed the Patrick Owen and Toton show.

With Mr. Andy Yanata. Looking Good in Kenzo x H&M

And with Mr. Genu looking super androgynous.

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