Rabu, 19 Desember 2012

Holla Urbanation


  Hai all ...i have wait so long to post this thing . now i am at college , i am studying . and then no more chit chat, lets talk about me and my style . for the past one year i don't have a blog , but i want to ,. i want to be a great fashion blogger like le-happy , my sister at "fashion maverick " , my friends here that also have a great blog , so i start like this .
now lemme introduce my style, iam urban hiphop. why urban is so colourful ? , so i will explain yes urban is not colourful but have a bold cut and fierce style so i combine it with hip hop that have a colour but comfy look , tadaa . and then this is moi

i remember the day when i shoot this , that day was so hot , but the light is great , and i tell my friend to take a picture , who is she check
the result is breathtaking for me lol.
and now i want you to wish me luck . and dont hate me lol

Things On Me 
Pink t shirt : DIY
Necklace : DIY
Short : 61
Cap : NY
Sunglasses : Emmy's

thanks to : eonleonie (photographer )

And now i wanna go with this girl that i love the style and fashion of course .. XD kyaa...

 i mean , Gosh look at her , she is gorgeous .. love all that she wear ..
 for more great things from her just click this

I love it . stylish yet comfy

okay guys see you .. and wait for mine .. lol
i live in a beautiful Indonesia

sayang kalian semua .

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