Kamis, 20 Juni 2013



Hi guys .... before we go further ... i wanna say sorry because its been a very busy week Guys ... sibuk sekali soalnya tugas kampus banyak .. and then i don't have a time for posting . but for this day ... i wanna post something .. its basically my assignment and "Lee Hi - Rose" inspired me ..

foto ini mengekspose sisi Vulnerable seorang wanita ... by the way i wanna say a big Thank You For Ayu Sekar Tanjung(model) ... for helping me ... yeeyy ... CIO

This is the alter-ego from "Petals" because this one is the one that more stronger look ... in case this is show the stronger side from women .. and complete the whole analogy from rose .. 

 Thanks Again to Ayu Sekar Tanjung ... Go follow her on Instagram (@ayusekar21) and Twitter (@ayusekaar)
My tasks complete yaay .. enjoy guys ...  ^.^


3 komentar:

  1. lovely photoshoot!
    i love the flower so much :D


  2. the flowers on her head is so pretty!
    love it!

    nice photos and editing :)
    I love the colors

    The Sweetest Escape