Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

The View


Hi Guys , finally ... i have been so busy and lazy ... i gain weight lol .. but lets make it Quick 
 This is a quick fashion report .. cuz i just sit down . hangin' out with my Friend Onie ,, and suddenly this two person with Cool Outfit .. show up .. and i think .. "why i don't report them , they're cool though"
Let's see .. CIO

 This look is very ease yet sexy and comfy ..i like it :
She wear
Deep v-neck Top
Diamond Short
A Timepiece
Studded neon double ring
Volcom sandals
and a cute tatoo/s(actually she said there is more ;) )

 What he wear
Pink tee
Crossed wooden necklace
brown chino
leather bag
and pair of shoes 
Those Two .. are my "Victim" today .. lol ... This is Ovel and his Fierce Friend .. looking great guys

and this week i go to my another hometown Amurang .
Disana gw ketemu banyak sanak saudara, karena ada acara untuk memperingati hasil hasil bumi yang melimpah , sering disebut "pengucapan" ..Amurang sangatlah indah guys ... i am impressed by the sunset ... just take a look .. cuz the sunset is amazing ...

 Take at my Daddy's work place .. love love love

yeey .. .Sorry Guys cuz the fashion report is short .. just sit and wait the excitement just on the way ...  i am get a lil' excited for the photography thing .. cuz the basic photography lesson at college made me know how to use "manual" mode at the camera .. very very excited ..lol and i hope i will take a more best picture (fashion and photography) at my future post .. "Fingers crossed guys .. >.<"
love you


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