Senin, 24 Februari 2014

The Must Have

Ripped Jeans
It just like , everybody need this on their closet, like .... my God , cuz it look great on most people ..
I got inspired by one of the top designer Maison Martin Margiela , and one of a Blogger 
Sandy (Big shout out to him ) check him out on Here!!!!
he is recently update his look with ripped jeans and i really really like it . 
So because of it , and because almost all of my friend has that kind of thing, so i'm thinking 
''how the way to get ripped jeans/pants without spend money ?''

and i came out with DIY idea Hope you guys like it

 Hat : Unbranded
Blue Tee : details
Necklace : DIY
Spiked Ripped Pants : DIY
Shoes : Adidas 

NOTE: it is actually a stretched pants that textured like denim but not really denim , cuz i only have one denim pants on my closet , and i don't really want to ripped it *momwillbesoangry . you can see at the yarn that coming out is not like a denim , but i still like it , Remember ripped your old pants and make it new , or if you have a lot of budget buy new one. it's up to you  :D
Enjoy , and if you have any requests or any questions drop on the comment sections below , and see you guys later 

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4 komentar:

  1. Very original pants and nice photos!!!! Is the first time I see your blog and is the first time that I write.I'm a blogger from Italy. If you want, take a look at my blog.
    Eni K.

    1. Thank you eni .. I will pass by to your blog .. Nice to meet you

  2. cool jeans! i love it :D


  3. Thank you so much putri .. xoxo ...... :)