Kamis, 03 Juli 2014


Hii guys ... i am here again ... very very long time no see guys .... this summer is very different .. usually my friends is excited to go home here in Manado but i don't know why they maybe have a different feelings to go home .. Lol .. btw i am home .. and now i am going to show you guys the review from all the work that i have done lately .. but it just the casual look , i am not putting some work that you maybe saw on my Instagram , because its not so casual .

I am so happy because the final exam is done , and i am ready to go to the next semester , yay!

Take a look  at my work ^,^

I Create almost all the things like the Leather Pants the shirt , the Sneakwedge , hat , almost all .
i think when i gather them all around like this , it can show my style in design and how i project myself to others . thank you hope you enjoy it

have a very very Great Summer Holiday Guys .
Keep doing your best
see you next time


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