Kamis, 21 Agustus 2014

Did Weird

Yes, i just wanna say to everybody , fashion is for everybody , every types of body , yes you can be the fit one , or you can be the one that like eat burger and frech fries, but as long as you are happy and as long as burgers and fries is not the 'hiding' tools so lets be ourselves and love ourself more. but i mean being fit is much more great since i have "oh-not-so-model" weight and body, going down a couple of pounds is the dream that everybody would dream of , LOL.
Now i am loving the Camden Boots by New Look, and this is like the weird kind of style but i love to wear , a vest ,couple of cloths to cover up my booty and front area and of course the snapback is included .

Denim Vest : TOPMAN
Camden Boots : New Look
'Ratchet' Snapback : F21

Thank you Guys  sorry for not being posting something lately . because i almost always forgot to take a picture in many case . Love you , hope y'all still love me too .. xoxo ECMET


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