Rabu, 15 Oktober 2014


Hello Guys , finally i can post something now, in the middle of midterm , lol . by the way i am so busy lately because all the lecture tasks seems like never want to stop , but as much as i enjoy it i still need to put my priority on the 1st place which is study.

Movin' on to the next one

do you guys realize black and white ensemble is booming lately , personally i don't like super black and white , so i'll show you how ECMET do it

and FYI black and white it is not a color it is a Value , ou can check out (google) why it is a value not a color .

and check it out ,this is my look, i just want to show you if you want to go on trendy , you must keep it YOU !

 Wearing :
G-COOL T : Giordano
Black and White Lagash pants : PINX
Shoes : Mango
Necklace : H&M
Croc snapback :ECMET
Neon Clutch : ECMET


It is because i love some texture and color , so i added the croc Snapback and splash some neon on the clutch . 
black and white is super simple ensemble, you can do it your way , and this kind of color is super chic , and great on many people . but if you want to keep it all black and white it is fine , because it is your style , and let us just be happy of plurality .

Now let us talk about my pants cuz  luuuuvvv it, this pants is super comfortable , made of cottonspandex fabric so it stretchy and super comfortable, i buy it from PopShop Bandung , the brand is PINX. and i love all about this brand , cuz it is unique , the cuts is, the fabric is , and the brand of course. The quality is great ,  you just know from the stitches and the fit of this pants.

so if you want to know about this brand , go follow them at instagram @_pinx , so you can see what i see . lol . Be proud of wearing local product and brand , and show the support.

SeeYou Again Soon 


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