Senin, 27 April 2015

Pink Silhouette

Hii guys .. i am so Happy to posting again , Ugh . This week is super hectic, i had various projects and tasks but finally it has been done since sunday. but there is many things yet to come , i took the Intern subject so i must go to some company to be intern (hopefully i can be accepted in to magazine, fingers crossed ). And you guys , i will be posting my tasks , it is super fun , you can see the final products , and i will review some other projects and exciting photoshoot that i've been a part of .

but now i want to post my look . I recently love the black on black with outer silhouette , and i've been wearing this pieces couple of times . and by the way i will have two post that having the same silhouette and how to work it out .

by the way check it out .

I am wearing 
Chain Necklace DIY
Pink Blazer my friend Farah Made it
Crop top DIY
Leggings by My Size 
Converse Sneaker Wedge 

I wore this look because that day i want to be fashionable but still have a polish yet edgy vibe to it , so i throw the blazer on

and i am recently cutting my hair , as you see on my instagram . i cut my hair because i just overwhelmed with long hair . LOL

Hope you enjoy this post.
Will be back soon

Stay tune

Fin .

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