Senin, 27 April 2015

How to upgrade your basic look

 Black Crop top 
Black Short ECMET
Snapback ECMET
Shoes Mango

As you can see the both of the picture are so plain looking , if you want to go somewhere casual or like go to the cafe to have some breakfast, you can take your comfy white shirt on and you are ready to go .

White Oversized shirt from Rumah Mode
Shoes From Mango
Snap back ECMET

Or if you want to go to somewhere like malls to meet your friend or attending casual events you can change the outer because the activity is a little bit heavier , you change the color for the outer and change the fabric to more light weight so it is easier to move.

Grey oversize Yukata By ECMET
Chain Necklace By Mango
Ankle Boots By Forever 21

Or if you have the whole day long and the weather is changing , and it is a bit hectic and so much to do yet you want to still look good , it is a classic leather jacket with some pop color accessories like bright comfy shoes , and snapback (cuz long day = messy hair). the leather jacket help you to carry you phone and wallet , because sometimes people left the wallet and phone on the bag when something urgent happen .


 Jacket From TOPMAN
Shoes from Nike

 I recently dyed my hair blue and green , i mix the vigin snow and Bad boy blue for the top and my bangs i used badboy blue only from Manic Panic.

Hope you guys enjoy your day and see you guys later for the next post .

I will be having the Final term next month , and i will be facing the internship , wish me luck guys . Hope i can be an intern at magazine or some other places that i have been dream to be working on.


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