Sabtu, 23 Mei 2015


Hi Guys . finally my final term is done . and now i am on my pusue for my internship program. Hopefully it will go as far as God way. Wish me luck guys. 

and now i want to share my task that i said on my last post .
this is the product from the Business and merchandise lecture . 
so we must make a brand , and follow all the steps . This one is like a 'dummy' brand
but because we must make it like a real one so all the things must be detailed

But long story short after all he exams and tradeshow that happened , this brand focused on the student side and the brand is a menswear . as you can see on my instagram @ecmet

But the concept is to play with pattern, texture and cutting so we had a photoshoot for the clothes 
take a look guys  . 

I want to say thank you this amazing models that i work with  Restu and Jourdy , and thank yo also to Asti and Ricky , and the photographer . 

This one is my design ^,^


Thank you guys . see you on the next post hope you guys enjoy this


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