Minggu, 16 Agustus 2015

A small trip

Hi guys finally  i am back from the vacation , as you guys saw on instagram i  have been visiting Singapore and just got back like three days now , so for now i will report you guys about all the exciting activities there .

     Taking a walk on Orchard Rd

 Day one we straight ahead to the Merlion park and taking some pictures and have fun 

Day 2 : this is our main purpose to take a trip , i have been to Singapore for the 3rd time , but since my mom and my lil brother first time here , we go to Sentosa to go to the S.E.A aquarium and there is a great entertainment for your eyes . and my brother is loving this kinda thing and we grow u watching Nat Geo. Channel so i like to experience this .


This is such a fun experience since it was our first international trip .

by the way , i always pack light for international flight because who knows the extra thing we are going to bring home is fit or not .

and this is my outfits as seen on my Instagram.

Day 1 
This is very comfortable look because i was not wearing any accessories at all, because i don't want to be beeping when on security check , so i put the necklaces on after all the security check is done .
i put some sneakers on so i can stroll down the city straight from the hotel.

H&M t-shirt
Nevada Jogger
HOJ Necklace
Adidas Sneakers 
H&M Bag

Day 2 

I wore a white crop tee and DIY Denim jacket , i want to have fun at the sentosa that day.
i am not wearing so much accessories because all the sweat from waling and stuff.

Claire's Necklace
H&M Shoes and Bags
DIY Denim Vest
ECMET high waisted black shorts

 Day 3
The last day i just wore something super casual because i need to go straight to Manado and there is a 4 Hours waiting time to transfer flight . so it must be very comfortable. 
but i still go with matchy-matchy and with right color , so the people not looking at my tired face  LOL

Giordano tee
Nike air sky-high Sneaker wedges.

See you soon guys .. Have fun


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