Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015

Summer Vaca 2015

Hiii there guys .. OMG i'm in a hurry

and i am so happy i can have a holiday , and a tme off right now.
i am done with my internship program , so much fun there , i learn a lot things .

and now i want to cover up my summer post

you guys , summer is all about breeze , some easy fabric , and colors of course .

my outfit today will show you how to pack a light outfit for summer vacation , still look stylish , but comfy at the same time.

Take a look

 i am wearing my Summer short by Uniqlo
And for the comfy shoes i wear sneakers because it fit summer better 
and a snapback for sun

another accessories that important for summer is Sunnies and i wear they called it 'white metal' so it's save to wear at summer weather . and you can go swim with it too.

 The second outfit for the second day i wear tanktop with a very light cotton coverup that i DIY.
i wear only sunnies that second day .

 for the accessories i wear the 'white metal' and some body chain to add some edgyness

okay that is for it now .. see you soon , me , my mom , and my brother will have a lil short sun trip to Singapore. Can't wait to share it with you guys ... 



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