Kamis, 27 Agustus 2015

Just Inspired

Heeeeeyyyyy ...

How you doin' guys ?..

I am super fine .

I want to give a shout out to my grandma for the 75th birthday today .
(Always in a great health grandma)

do you know that Girls Generation  release their new video ?

Yup , it is called 'You Think' .Today my outfit accessories especially is inspired by their new MV.

This is the first time i made something like this , and this type of accessories usually made by machines , but since the machines for industrial (you can use the sewing machines though) i sew this with my hand, ( because my sewing machines need to be fixed)

okay let's get it started

This Body Harness is usually used for Field worker for their safety , but currently fashion world modified it for compliment our look.

I don't make it too similar , because i don't have the tools , SNSD's is very industrial made and it is leather , so all the equipment is not available , so i hand sew this .

Giordano Black Crop top
Black shorts
DIY Body Harness
H&M chunky lace up ankle boots

Okay guys , i hope you guys have a great day , they will be a next fun project with the dance team keep an eye on my Instagram and Snpchat : ecmet

More to come.....

Stay Gorgeous



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