Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

EVOLUSIA Maranatha

Yaaayyy ... finally i can post again , this past 2 months i have  been very busy on college, the tasks and everything , i can't believe i am on 7th semester, time flew by so fast .

Okay now , this is fashion week on Indonesia, and many fashion events happening this month . so now i will start with this fashion show , held by one of the fashion school in Bandung Maranatha Christian University .

This fashion show titled ' EVOLUSIA' and they showing the fresh graduates fashion student with all of the beautiful pieces.

Lot of unique printed pattern and silhouette in this show, textile printing is the most use technique in this fashion show ,

i am so happy i can come to this fashion show , i thought i will be super late , but thank God i arrived on time.

Okay This is the Fashion show Pictures . They featured more than they 20+ fresh graduate on this fashion show.

 That is a wrap ,  and there is so many crowd on that show.
 am sorry for the picture that is little bit grainy , i tried my best to capture it because i don't have Tele lens and i sit little bit far from the stage ..
i hope you guys like it.

I will go to Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 , Stay Tuned , and maybe see you there .



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