Selasa, 27 Oktober 2015

Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 : Matahari & British Council

Hii Guys , Now i am at Jakarta , i am attending JFW 2016 . there is much fun happening in this event , so many amazing designers , textiles and a lot of great stuff.

Okay so i attend 3 show yesterday which is Matahari Dept. Store Show and British Council Show .
Both is a lot of fun , but for the Matahari show i didn't get a lot of pictures.

Anyway, all the show is so great , i am so glad that i have so many opportunities this year i am attending 4 show.

And the second show is British Council, representing two amazing designers , first is Rinda Salmun , the second one is Ed Marler. Both have a very great and have a strong character, and that's what i love
 . the third show is Anne Avantie and the last show titled 'ephiphany'.

Okay now this is it . Enjoy.

 The Matahari Departement Store is Great , the title is enchanted forest , so the look is Earthy , a lot of white for the opening and then there is tribal theme , they show a lot of colors and pattern.
all the clothes is ready to wear.

 The Second one is British Council , The first Designer showing is Rinda Salmun , the Collection is great , is very street inspired with a touch of punk or rock in it , but you can tell music is one of the inspiration . i love it , the cut is great and the pattern is great too.

 The second designer is  Ed Marler , you can tell from the collection , this collection is inspired from the 'kingdom' , you can see the hierarchy in it , there is a lot of beautiful crowns in this collection, the textile are amazing , laces, furs, sequins and many more . I love the show , Ed Marler have a very strong character in designing , which i love so much.

Overall the show is great ,there is so much fun reporting. I love to see different vision from different designers.

Thank you guys , i hope you like it
see you soon


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