Selasa, 27 Oktober 2015

Jakarta Fashion Week 2016: Anne Avantie

The last show i attend yesterday is Anne Avantie .
But first i want to say thank you so much for Fang Fang from APPMI for giving me this amazing opportunities i am so happy and grateful and i can't thank enough for this.

The show was amazing , it star jammed show , there is a lot of celebrities attending the show , and of course there is a lot of amazing clothes from Anne Avantie

The show title is 'Gambang Semarang' , Semarang is the main inspiration , there is so much great stuff happening . And of course the show is a story tell.

I am so happy that i had this opportunities, thank you so much for Fang Fang from APPMI . A lot of kisses and hugs . And thank you for Anne Avantie for this amazing show, i love it so much.

By the way i took all this picture from my phone because the battery from my camera is empty *classic lol.

I hope you guys like it and See you soon


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