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JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2017 || Day 3 || IFC & Easlyn Ong Atelier ||

Hii You Guys, finally I am back at blogging. Now my blog is not so intense like they used to. Because I am focusing more on my Final Project and my Graduation. And finally you guys I am graduated wth a fashion and art degree and now I am pursuing my career in Jakarta.

Okay now on to the main focus. Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 is already done. And now is my Report from day 4 to day 7 in the event. I will post it per day, so you guys are more focused with the material
This time my posting isn’t going to be super sharp and HD because I don’t use my DSLR camera because it’s not allowed and I also forgot to bring my charger with me. So I use my Iphone instead because I don’t have any portable camera.

So Let’s get started.
The first show is in the 24th October 2016 I attended the Indonesian Fashion Chamber Fashion show, which is opened by Astri Lestari
The design is more focused on the silhouette and fabrication. Some of the pants use quilting technique and then they played with volume and also pastel color. And I see a little bit of Korean influence in their design. 

And then the second designer is Mudrika Paradise which is a Moslem wear designer. Bringing geometrical print with blue hues on top of an earthy color.  Pleasant on the eye.

 An then the third designer is Sav Lavin, which I adore. Their design this year is more minimalist and more street, they used a new silhouette which is layering with a little bit more color on the pallet. Because they known for they monochrome value.

The fourth designer Is Devi Ros. Bring a lace to different approach. Play with many proportion for the gown and still approachable and wearable. With a monochrome pallet. We thought monochrome will go away. Maybe not next year. Monochrome are still in the game but we will see a lot of color compliments theValue.

Khanaan Shamlan is the Fifth designer. Focusing on the embellishment, taking us into the middle east, with a lot of rosy color with gold embellishment.

 The last but not least is Elizabeth Njo May Fen. The design representing the multi way of wearing the clothes. Such as a jacket that can turn into skirt, etc. I will put video in because the picture were so blurry. Such a interactive show and take on clothes. The color blue and green dominates this show.

And then the second show on this day is From Abineri Ang, Which is like a course and then his students have to showcase the collection.

 And I also got the privilege from Jesslyn to come to the show. Her brand Easlyn Ong Atelier opened the show. And what I love from her collcection is the feelings and thinking process of picking the colors and the intricate detail from the dress.

I have interviewed her and she will be on my Youtube channel soon. The collection is titled The Rising Angel. I asked her why the colors is just black and white and she told me that people always think angel is a white and pretty so I give the black for representing her past and the past is what makes her stronger today. Rising to the new and bright future. Such a simple thinking yet the feeling was delivered. A simple silhouettes with intricate details is her forte, the gown with the feather on the bottom took my breath away, and in my Instagram, I put the video so people can see how pretty the collection. And that dress in particular. The song ‘Tears of An Angel’ played while the pieces is passing by, giving the mood to a full circle.

And then this is the other designer pieces from this show. This show dominated by Gowns and bridal. Which always an experience for me to see the visions of new and upcoming designers. And they are surprisingly young. I am super impressed.

Okay Guys , Thats for now, see you on my next post, which is day 4.

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Xoxo Guys . See You Soon

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