Minggu, 30 Oktober 2016

JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2017 || Day 4 || Patrick Owen SS17 ||

The Next day is super exciting because I have the honor to come to Mr. Patrick Owen’s show. From the invitation I read the Synopsis of the store later on the show. Titled Fable, the story is telling about the relationships between a snake and a monkey. In Chinese culture there is something we called ‘shio’ which is more likely a horoscope or zodiac. And this two ‘shio’ have a positive and negative relationships but more towards the bad one. This collection depicts a romantic interaction between the monkey and the snake. The struggle, the truce and love.

This show gave me goosebumps because it’s started with a poem. This poem leads the clothes one by one to the runway. And what I love about Mr. Owen’s show is , the story is super strong, there is always a story, there is always the meaning behind the collection. The crowd is drown to the deepest thought on their mind. I love the thought that he just having 24 models on the runway, and so many poetic thoughts in the show.
Not just the thought but the Clothes, the pieces should I say, the process of making it, the techniques. Blow my mind. He used such a complicated manipulating fabric technique such a Smocking and embroidery, which of you look closer there is monkey and snake tail embroidered in to the pattern.

The runway itself is a living poem, the way the collection presented, the way models look at us one by one at the parade. I just can’t say more and I just have chills .

Black is also dominating the palette and the provocative approach such as the transparency and the super long sleeves is the part of this amazing collection and absolutely seeing it more in the future.

That is why I always look forward for what will he bring on the table every time he have a show.

The Naration From Tatiana Surya, with the voice of Millane Fernandez is so magical. i just can't

The video For the full experience go to my YouTube channel 

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