Senin, 31 Oktober 2016

JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2017 || DAY 5 || Fashion Valet & DITP ||

Haii You guys, today I’m going to report the day 5 which in on date 26th October 2016. I come to two shows that day, which is from Fashion Valet and From DITP.

The first show of that day was fashion valet and it opened with the brand called Schmiley Mo, which is a brand from the well-known blogger Ms. Diana Rikasari, the brand is all abojt the fun, playing with colors and printed with cute symbols like a cactus or a smile. Patches are the part of it too, the pattern overlay with the patches also mix with different fabric and texture, giving you the eclectic vibe that so Her. Bring her over all style vision to the market so many people can reaches out to her style easier. Playful and Young.

And the next designer is Aere. Their design is pretty much inspired with the easiness and the effectiveness of their clothes. Woman on-the-go, chic and airy. The fabrics for their clothes were light weight so it flows when catch with the wind.

The last designer for fashion valet is Kami Idea. This collection of Moslem wear is playing with the earthy color, with a touch of a little embellishment which is not to over powering and compliment by the shoes with also an embellishment to it. Give you a little bit glam in your daytime look, with earthy color palette. There is a lot of nudes and earthy color next year.

And then the next show is from DITP they present the brand called ICONIC, which is from Thailand With the Designer Akara M. himself presents the tribal culture in color graphics. Give you uniqueness and the colors he brought to the runway were insanely great. The preposition of the pattern and graphic was so good, and the cutting of the pieces is undeniable. Can’t wait to see more in the future.

Thank you guys, I hope you guys enjoy reading this article.
And see you guys soon


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