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JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2017 || DAY 7 || Evita Esperanza Brides ||

Hii you Guys. Finally it is the last day of JFW2017. And the last Show for me at Jakarta fashion Week is the Abineri Ang show.

And As usual the show this time have a variation of bridals and gown with different concepts behind the gown. And this young designers has no fear to project their vision

And I also have the Privilege from Ms. Evita Esperanza to report her show and have the exclusive interview about her inspiration behind her collection. Which is so thoughtful and so much intricate details with the gowns. The unique color arrangement make people think deeper yet still mesmerized with the gowns.

For further information i have the privilege to talk have a little chit chat with Ms. Evita Herself

1. Describe your brand in 4 words ? 
Feminine, ethereal, graceful, and intricate

2. What inspires you the most for this collection ? 
What inspire me throughout this collection is actually from a documentary film by Netflix Chef's Table. It was Chef Alex Atala episode, in the film he was telling his life story about the circle of life. He made a metaphor of how our life is like a plant-- "a seed becomes a plant who has a flower, transformed into a fruit, the fruit drops, there another seed, and the seed grows again. this is a circle." My personal favorite quote from him was when he said, "The flower is the moment that we live, the most beautiful moment of the circle. The most beautiful moment. Contemplate this". I was immediately inspired by his life and his philosophy about a flower. Through this collection I wanted to celebrate life itself and how we should live like a full bloom flower, flaunting with all her glory. 
Theres a link to what Chef Alex Atala here:

3. Who/what is your biggest influence in designing ? 
oh wow. A lot. I watched a lot of youtube videos from many design houses. I love to watch an interview of many well-known designers or just any influential people. I love to see their life story, their technique, how they design, how their brain works during design development. I believe in the notion everyone is unique and our brain works differently, we just have to find what works for us and what doesn't. And also don't be afraid to think differently than others; I'm saying this not because I'm already an expert on this. I'm still learning not to be afraid too. 

4. Why choose this silhouette and color palette for this collection ? 
I love simple tulles gown that just drops into a sheath silhouette, but I also love ballgowns. So in this collection you'll see both them being incorporated. If you can have both, why not right? 
The color palette for this collection is mostly white because it is a bridal collection, but I didn't want it to be all white so it won't be too boring. So in my mood board you'll see white, soft color hues, shades of pink and purple, but then there's this one flower that is actually pretty small, but because it's red-orange it stands out. And I thought it was really interesting to have red in my collection. And also because here in Indonesia, Chinese-Indonesian use red during their engagement party. The peach is there to balance out the red, so it won't be that contrast. 

5. What techniques you choose to put in the dress ? 
I do a lot of appliqués to make textures in this collection. A lot of the flowers are laser cut, but some are embroidered flowers. I use beadings, pearls, sequins, and also crystals. 

6. What is your "forte" ?
appliqués and making textures. I love intricate and small details; I think those are the things that makes a dress "the dress". 

7. The classic question : Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now ? 
Uhm, good question. Bridal for sure. Bridal retail may be. New York Bridal Fashion Week may be? One can dream can't she? 

And That's a wrap you guys !!
Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 is over. a lot of fashion and excitement

See you guys next year 


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