Senin, 31 Oktober 2016

With Friends On Jakarta Fashion Week 2017

Haii you guys, finally we get in touch in such a long time, now i stayed on Jakarta, and just wrapped up The Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Thank God for this year i attend so many shows, more than years past by.

Now on my Previous blog post i just want to put all my report about the fashion week. little you know i also have a youtube channel that i just started so in that youtube channel you can see that i've meet so many friends. and we bonded because of fashion

So in this blog post i will put all the picture we've taken all week long.

On the first day i go with my friends Andembo, we vlogged so much and we forget to take picture together. so the next day i met with Sandy a.k.a HeXfashion, and he is suprisingly taller, i am shoock. Lol

And i Pushed him to come to see the show together because we haven't seen each other for such a long time, and suprisingly there is a lot of changes.

Me and Sandy Pre Patrick Owen Show

And before that i met with this two beautiful gurrls Ines and Anastasia.
I barely recognise Ines in here. Cuz she had a new hair. lol

And then I finally Met Sonya . Because i said to her i want to interview her for my new YouTube Channel so  we finally met. And when i say meeting with Onya it also means meet with everybody else.

 Tedy Took This Picture.

Me and Maddie Unpurposely Twinning, White And Grey Shoes. Thank you Maddie for inviting. xo

 Taken By Tedy

Yap. and that is a wrap for now. Now i am staying at Jakarta and i will look forward for more event. And hopefully We will meet sooner or later. Xoxo

And i Also Took Picture with this awesome People.

With Ms. Kelly Tandiono

 With Ms. Hayati who slayed the Patrick Owen and Toton show.

With Mr. Andy Yanata. Looking Good in Kenzo x H&M

And with Mr. Genu looking super androgynous.

Don't forget to check my YouTube Channel where everything moves.


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